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Fathom Radiant is a public benefit corporation based in Boulder, Colorado. We're searching for talented people who are driven to tackle one of the most ambitious goals of our time: building computer hardware that helps humanity navigate to a future with safe advanced artificial intelligence. Our team represents a broad range of disciplines, from machine learning to optics to silicon design.

One of the most important choices we make is how to use our talents and our time. We offer the opportunity to be a part of an ambitious start-up in its infancy, building something that could truly make an impact in the world, where your skills and unique insights are critical to its success. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, free meals, equity in the company, parental leave, flexible working hours, and a lovely office space for friendly and open collaboration.

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Our office is located in the unforgivably beautiful Boulder, Colorado. 30 minutes from Denver and 30 minutes to a ski resort, Boulder offers a delightful balance of urban comforts and outdoor fun.

We’ve set up our office to nurture an environment of focus and collaboration. Nearly every surface doubles as a whiteboard to allow for spontaneous collaboration, and we have 22 soundproof pods to protect our focus during deep work.

Right next to our office space, we have two labs focused on a combination of R&D and high-precision manufacturing. Our labs are filled with state-of-the-art equipment including cool lasers, a clean room, and robot arms. Our research and build processes are centered around flexibility and autonomy. We love fast prototyping with a huge supply of gadgets, materials, and tools ready at hand.

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